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In our modern world, a bathroom is not just a bathroom; it is a space that can transport one to a place of tranquility and relaxation.

We spend an exorbitant amount of time in the bathroom, whether we intend to or not, so we know that this time spent is truly precious. 

It can be a place of refuge from the outside world.

Luxury bathrooms are often the sanctuary to mend the soul after a long day of work, to gather one’s thoughts as you prepare for a board meeting, or for getting refreshed before for a night out on the town.

Fixtures and fittings are not just for utilitarian purposes, but also for creating an atmosphere of elegance and design.



Creating the perfect bathroom layout means that you are in complete comfort within your surroundings, so you can focus on taking care of you.


Let's Talk Fixtures

Bathtubs, showers, sink basins, toilets, and so much more. The utility is important but style is a reflection on you.

You need investment pieces that will reflect a tranquil atmosphere and have style that will transcend time

What makes the perfect bathtub? Smooth and sleek, deep and relaxing. Nothing says luxury more than a glorious bathtub that is soothing the second you step into it and washes all your cares away.

Taking a long soak in a hot bath is truly one of life’s great pleasures. 

To change your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary instantaneously, all you need to do is add a bathtub. There are a wide variety of bathtub styles, but the classic luxurious soaking tub is often a favorite.

The soaking tub has more depth than a standard tub, so you can enjoy a more thorough soaking experience. Furthermore, they come in a spectacular range of materials – such as wood, stone or ceramic. Also, the color choices are endless.

It’s always nice to have the choice between the two different ways to relax in a luxurious bathtub. Move beyond the basic bathroom and get a bathtub.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

You might however need a little more gusto to satisfy your bathing needs.

 If a soaking tub will not do, a whirlpool tub might do the trick. 

There is a range of jetted tubs that are available in a whirlpool style that have the standard six jets, three on each side. 

These jets gently move the water in a circular motion to ease and calm the body.

 For an intense massage you can get a whirlpool tub fitted with more strategically placed water jets that can ease tense muscles concentrating on the back and the feet. 

There is also the use of air jets in the bathtub that can create a more gentle, yet highly effective, massage through millions of tiny air bubbles.


Fixtures and Fittings

In regards to fittings, they are the accents of art in the bathroom. Focusing on facet design, luxury means that there are no ordinary fittings. There is a broad range of styles from the rare vintage 19th century aesthetic to the highly coveted modern industrial design. Each provides a distinctive look and luxurious atmosphere while being streamlined for modern every day use.

Shower design

The shower is one of the most prized parts of a bathroom. Shower design expectations are often high because they need to provide the sensation of refreshment and cleanliness but also reflect personal style. 

At the core of bathroom design is the showerhead. It can come in a broad spectrum of options, from a single head to as many as three if need be. 

The overall design of the modern shower is quite expansive. Your choice may be contingent on the plumbing already established in the home, but if you are starting from scratch, you will need to look at all of the options. 

Electric showers are quite popular for a number of different reasons. Firstly, they can be very chic. Secondly, for those who are economically minded, they can be much less expensive (and just as luxurious) as a mixer shower.

 It is important not to just take looks into consideration. The higher the kilowatt rating, the better the flow and shower experience you will have.



Depending on the plumbing in the home, a shower mixer might be your best option


Shower Control

This style of shower allows you to adjust the water’s temperature from both hot and cold water. This also allows for high flow rates and strong water pressure.

The option of a thermostatic shower has become more popular in resent years due to the chosen temperature of the water remaining stable regardless of water usage anywhere else in the house.

Once you have chosen the style of shower you will then need to choose a combination of showerhead and dedicated space within the bathroom. Options include a combination of bath and shower, a shower wet room, or cubicle.

If you choose the elegant style of shower and bath combination, this will allow more space in the bathroom while maintaining a chic presentation. 

This can include a freestanding bath with taps and a hand held showerhead, or a fixed showerhead.

In a wet room or cubicle, the fixtures will be mounted on the wall but can have a fixed or freestanding showerhead.

How to choose a toilet?

How to choose a toilet? The practical and stylish elements of the toilet are quite important to consider.

 There are two sizes available, a standard bowl and a larger bowl. 

Although a larger bowl maybe more comfortable, it is imperative to take proper measurements to ensure all drawers can open and that no doors or cupboards will make contact with the bowl. 

Toilets generally come in porcelain with plastic seating, but wooden seats are another option. An array of colors is available in toilets whether you choose the classic pedestal or the modern mounted wall style. 

When remodeling, there is a common question that often pops up: should there be one sink or two? Space can often determine this factor in a luxury bathroom.

If there is only room for one, only one shall be had. But in the case of a couple that are in need of a little more elbowroom, two sinks are ideal. 


Fixtures and Fittings

Luxury design enthusiasts will always bear in mind that there is no need for ordinary bathroom fixtures. There are selections created not only to be versatile but also to be admired. These fixtures have grace, artistry and a sleek modern style. The full range of fixtures and fittings reflects the atmosphere of tranquility that is needed for a luxury bathroom.


Sink and Basins

Sinks for two are now quite common in many homes when it comes to a luxury bathroom. 

Personal space goes hand in hand with having easy access to personal items and allows partners to be more active in the same space without getting in each other’s way. 

Whether it is brushing your teeth or washing your face, you will never have to give up your sink or your mirror to accommodate your partner.

There are a few styles that must be considered when buying a sink (or two). Some styles consist of an over mount that is on top of the surface counter, or under mount, which is under the surface of the counter. 

Most traditional sinks have the basin resting on a pedestal. Regardless, there is a style of basin that is perfect for your luxury bathroom.

Depending on the plumbing in the home, a shower mixer might be your best option

Sink Basin Styles

Sink basins not only come in a variety of styles but also a variety of materials:

cast iron that are coated in enamel of any desired color, shatter resistant glass, stone, metal, porcelain, even timber. 

There are endless possibilities to colors and shapes to make any bathroom more chic and luxurious. 

The sink area can also provide additional storage options. Potentially, adding a cabinet under the sink can be stylish and quite practical allowing for easy access to all of your personal bathroom items.  

And then we have the extraordinary vessel sinks. It is a combination of basin that sits on top of the counter. 

Lending itself to the possibility of preserving counter space and storage area. 

It tends to be an eye-catching space saver, and more of a stunning piece of furniture than a sink.


The epitome of a luxury bathroom is implementing the perfect vanity


Vanity Units

If you want to maximize space and a chic style, there are many options to consider. First and foremost, is your vanity simply there for a sink or do you need it to provide storage as well? 

Some vanities seamlessly blend into their surroundings while others create contrast with a striking color or unusual material.Another option to consider is whether to have a vanity where you can sit or would it be more advantageous to simply have a place to stand to get ready for the day? 

If seating is the right option for you, it is essential to have an under-counter space to place your legs to ensure comfort while being close to the mirror. 

It also means you need the perfect chair that will provide comfort, support and a timeless style statement.

The epitome of a luxury bathroom is implementing the perfect vanity

Vanity Styles

Whether you choose a vanity with seating or not, the options are endless when it comes to mirror fixtures. 

Go grand with a gilded interior that provides a splash of elegance and sophistication. 

An abundance of stone can provide a more regal accent in the bathroom when it surrounds a mirror.

 Brass is an option that should not be overlooked that can compliment a backdrop of stone, tile, metal or wood. 

The vanity itself has endless possibilities.

 Lacquered vanities are a luxury that should not be overlooked that match bold use of brass and silver-toned faucet options. 

Wood, steel, and glass vanities can create comfort, convenience, and a chic aesthetic.


Fixtures and Fittings

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