Why is having a Luxury Bathroom so important?

Everything about our lives has become so busy; It is important for us to have a space in our homes where we can try to feel truly at peace.

The master en suite bath has changed most dramatically. Now, a luxurious space to be shared with, at most, one other person.

“The best baths are an experience, similar to one that might be enjoyed at a sybaritic resort,” says Barbera Sallick, author of the book “The Perfect Bath’’.

It is a private sanctuary, where you can sink into a soothing bubble bath, or enjoy an invigorating shower, and emerge completely refreshed.”

Creating a Luxury Bathroom Space to be Enjoyed

Most people see the bathroom as a quick pit-stop where the objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible, SAS-style. They see it as a purely functional area for getting clean and silencing nagging internal organs.

Usually, a bath is an afterthought, tucked into a part of the room where it should fit and then paneled over in some way. But does it have to be this way? We say NO!

Why trust your plumber to do a last minute design from a well-used catalog? I wouldn’t trust a brick-layer to do the electrics and this should be treated in the same vain.

While a lot of new homes have become open-plan to suit modern, sociable lifestyles, the bathroom has become an even more private space, offering escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The modern luxury bathroom is now more focused around personal wellness.

Sociable Bathroom?

In Berkshire, England, architect Gregory Phillips has created a bathroom that’s amazingly serene, due to its countryside vistas. It merges in with the bedroom to create a personal relaxation suite.

“You can have a bath and at the same time chat to someone in the bedroom, or put up the sliding screen for complete privacy,” says Phillips.

Not everybody wants to share their bathroom space though! At the other end of the scale are those seeking privacy when cleaning their personal bits or soaking in a bubble bath with oils and incense.

Phnom Penh Luxury Bathrooms

cater for all situations on a bespoke basis.


Tub Time

With or without a view, the freestanding tub has become the flagship feature of the luxury bathroom.

Instead of wedging the bath tub against one wall and covering up the plumbing, in a lot of modern luxury bathroom designs, the bath tub has become a central piece, with other functional necessities set around it.

The modern tub can be molded into any size and only a bad imagination is the limit.

Shower Time

The shower is now challenging the reign of the mighty tub. A modern shower is either a fully tiled open area—the wet room—or an expansive space enclosed with glass to create a nourishing chamber of steam.

Outdoor showers are sought-after for that vacation-at-home feeling, especially in a tropical climate.

A modern luxury shower can also be a water massage machine, a jet wash for those hard to reach places. They can be fitted with mood changing lighting;

For the morning, energy boosting shower, a vibrant setting will flood your shower room with mood lifting hues.

For the evening sprinkle, soft tones and scents help to ease you into a relaxing slumber.

Sink Time

No not sinking in the tub, washing your hands in the sink time.

Let’s face it, hand wash basins are generally pretty boring right? It’s the cleaner at the house party, the day after the big event.

Again, does it have to be this way? Again, we say NO! 

{company name} will provide you with the ultimate show-off hand washing space. The modern sink is now invited to the luxury party and dispenses champagne along with the soap/covid-19 hand sanitizer.